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Might Apologize Later

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Prince Williams/FilmMagic, Taylor Hill/WireImage, and Daria Khivrenko/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Rapper extraordinaire J. Cole dropped a bombshell on April 5, 2024, unleashing his surprise album "Might Delete Later" to the world! This marks his 7th indie album, featuring hits like "Crocodile Tearz" and "Huntin’ Wabbitz." But the track that stole the show was "7 Minute Drill," a fiery comeback to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track "Like That." The rap universe went crazy over this potential epic showdown! However, the rap beef was short-lived, as J. Cole took the mic at his festival and squashed the beef with a heartfelt apology. The diss track vanished from all platforms as J. Cole gracefully bowed out of the battle.

The world of hip hop has seen its fair share of epic rap showdowns, churning out legendary diss tracks that still echo through music history. There's just something electrifying about heavyweight rappers duking it out on the mic, battling for lyrical supremacy. Whether it's Biggie vs Tupac, 50 Cent vs Ja Rule, or Nas vs Jay-Z, these rap beefs have the power to bring the hip hop realm to a complete standstill. Hip hop has always been a fierce arena where MCs prove their rap prowess at the drop of a beat. Fans were left hanging when J. Cole opted out of a rap feud with Kendrick Lamar. What's your take on J. Cole's choice? Do you miss the competitive spirit in mainstream hip hop?


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