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Dawn of A New Era

Photo from ESPN

Women's college hoops were on fire this year with Dawn Staley making headlines, steering the South Carolina Lady Gamecocks to an epic 38-0 record and clinching the national championship. Since joining South Carolina in 2008, Staley has snagged two national titles in the past three years alone, totaling an impressive three championships under her belt. After winning her third championship this past year, Staley would make history as the first black head coach to win three NCAA titles. While she is certainly increasing her jewelry collection, she is also stacking up coach of the year awards, cementing her status as a true powerhouse in women's basketball history.

Staley isn't just a legendary female basketball coach; she also rocked the court as a top WNBA player. Staley played in the WNBA for an eight years, and was voted as an all-star in six of those stellar seasons. Additionally, she'd secure a spot among the top 15 WNBA legends for her epic career journey. Dawn also played a key role in Team USA's success. She wouldparticipate in three Olympics, scoring gold for the USA every single time. During her USA olympic run, Staley and few teammates even appeared on the 90's hit TV show: Martin, bringing more attention to the female basketball world. This just goes to show that Staley was a powerhouse in women's basketball then, just as she continues to be now. Stay tuned for more amazing feats from Coach Staley and the fierce Lady Gamecocks next year!



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